Silver Linings Playbook

Bradly Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence

My favourite part of this film is the ending when Tiffany and Pat kisses. That's so romantic.

As the report of this year Oscar Reward, Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress so I want to see this film. It's such a long film but it's fine with it's story. Tiffany(Jennifer Lawrence) show her great power in this role playing a woman with some problems, I did shocked by her power. 

And this film shows some problems. One of the problems is the communication among families. We can see Pat's father is not soft as his mother did and the father always push Pat to do something he don't like. And it problely cause the Pat's mind break and going to the phychologist. 

The second one is both Pat and Tiffany can't face directly to their broken marriage whatever their partner is dead or betray them. I never suffer this but I guess it mustbe hard. Just like Pat, after Nikki left him, he really tries to be more positive and passionate and change his life to a better way. That's good. 

The last one is the treatment from stranger and some families friends. These peopledon't treat them as a normal person. They ridicule, they gossip, and these kind of behavior will add more stress to Pat. It's not a positive environment to help Pat to recover. So we can learn to more forgive and don't treat these people in a mean way.

That's it. I'm going to watch something else in the cold cold taipei evening.

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