The Perks of being a wallflower.

Logen Lerman & Emma Watson & Erza Miller

Charlie & Sam & Patrick

It makes people think a lot after we finish watching. It's such a meaningful film that remind me of my youth I had comparing to the Americans'.

At my high school, my live is only filled with study and prepare countlessly exams. I'm exhausted every weekday even on weekends during the junior three. Should we really need to have so much subjects and press from the college-entering test. Though, I recall to that theory of my high school, I feel very substantial. Meanwhile, we seems don't have much time to think about what our lives going to be in the future. This is so sad because we work really really hard but we don't know what we are preparing for. It's so complicated to tell how I really feel about my three years in high school or more three years in junior high school.

All in all, I don't regret it.

Another point in this film I want to talk about is the mental disease done to one. We should try to know more about that one but not escape from him/her. I know there's someone have this kind of problem around me but I always try to escape her or pretend notseeing her even never want to shake my hand to say hello to her. Deeply, she should feel sad and alone, but I dont even want to give a hand. I can't face this kind of situation, I scared. She must be scared too.

Let's think, maybe everyone will get some mental hurt in their heart that they could never mention, we should treat everybody equally, right? I just can't persuade myself, but I'll try, OK?

In this film, I like Patrick, I like Charlie too. Charlie is quiet but he is erudite, he understand, he choose not to hurt Elizabath though it's not good. He's very nice. Few young people love him though he never send his first kiss. I hope there's someone can love me too. Now not because I will be busy in preparing applying for my Master degree two yearlater. I just want to make some effort on my dreaming way, I should be work harder.

All the things gonna happen in the future, I'm very very looking forward to that.

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