The Great GATSBY / 大亨小傳

Recommended by a Film-professionals friend, I saw 'The Great Gatsby' last night. Nowadays, while many commercial films filled up with gorgeous scenes but empty inside make the industry sick, 'The Great Gatsby' does touch me well.

Everyone should have their own judgement on each film no matter how bad or amazing. Sometimes, we can also ignore the bad and to keep the touched part in mind.

In this story, five year is not enought to change a person indeed. For me, the 'Five year' is just a distance from high school to college. What would happen in this 5 year? It's our choice to change our life towards different way and we are no longer be in one same world again.

Gatsby, a man who deeply fall in love with Daisy, tried to attract Daisy by doing all these troubled things. I was totally touched because all these things just for A woman——the carnival, the party, the celebrities... To some extent, he was sick and terrible too. The eagerness that he want Daisy drives him to do this unrealistic things.

The end of this story is HE WANT TOO MUCH. He tried to deceive Daisy, Tom even himself that Daisy has only falled in love with himself. It's unbelievable and really ask too much for Daisy. It's of course a dramatic story that just idealistic for me.

It has a open finale. We don't know if Daisy make that call or not, Gatsby was killed and he would never know. Fortunately, Gatsby was dead with the hope of Daisy's love, so it's still a happy ending only for Gatsby. That's enough.

That's enough! 寫英文寫的夠嗆................


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