"I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy,asking him to love me." 

Notting Hill, 1999

Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant

I found this film because I typed the keyword "Portobello Market" in Google and all information head to "Notting Hill".

I love this film so much that I can't say how much I love it and I even list it into my top favourite. It's so romantic, and its soundtrack SHE repeating singing "SHE" makes me so touches too.

If a celebrity and a normal person can really be together, is it will be like that? Actually, when Zack denied Anna, I was disappointed also I know FILM will never left an ending like that. I have to say, Zack, who can denied a beauty like that, he's really really agood man we all want to looking for.

Even though I never expect someone really handsome or something, I just want onesimple and sincere, and tall......

Everyone borned equally in LOVE, and we should be treated after we grew up, but apparently that can't be possible.

So, wait............................................. just wait......................................................


The Great GATSBY / 大亨小傳

Recommended by a Film-professionals friend, I saw 'The Great Gatsby' last night. Nowadays, while many commercial films filled up with gorgeous scenes but empty inside make the industry sick, 'The Great Gatsby' does touch me well.

Everyone should have their own judgement on each film no matter how bad or amazing. Sometimes, we can also ignore the bad and to keep the touched part in mind.

In this story, five year is not enought to change a person indeed. For me, the 'Five year' is just a distance from high school to college. What would happen in this 5 year? It's our choice to change our life towards different way and we are no longer be in one same world again.

Gatsby, a man who deeply fall in love with Daisy, tried to attract Daisy by doing all these troubled things. I was totally touched because all these things just for A woman——the carnival, the party, the celebrities... To some extent, he was sick and terrible too. The eagerness that he want Daisy drives him to do this unrealistic things.

The end of this story is HE WANT TOO MUCH. He tried to deceive Daisy, Tom even himself that Daisy has only falled in love with himself. It's unbelievable and really ask too much for Daisy. It's of course a dramatic story that just idealistic for me.

It has a open finale. We don't know if Daisy make that call or not, Gatsby was killed and he would never know. Fortunately, Gatsby was dead with the hope of Daisy's love, so it's still a happy ending only for Gatsby. That's enough.

That's enough! 寫英文寫的夠嗆................



Alpha Dog

Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried

Anyway, at the beginning, I have no idea what those scenes mean, at the end of Alpha Dog, I finally figure out this is a story adapt basing on a true story. That makes this film powerful and special, and more thoughtful.

A young boy, Zack, whose brother owe a drug dealer's money, was kidnapped by that drug dealer and his friends. Strangly, Zack wants leave home too. So these men's kidnapping is not mean too much for Zack, and maybe it means some excited games for this fifteen-year-old boy. Although, this kind of behavior is criminal for those drug dealer, they would be passed sentences for life or even more.

Disappointedly, these drug dealers did not make the right decision. They killed that boy to cover their crime at one time. But we know that consititue won't ignore them and give them a charge.

As to me, we really should think about our parents words though they make you annoyed. The boy wants fresh things but he chooses wrong person and that person lead him to die. That boy is absolutely innocent. It's was totally a tradegy and no one can help that lose-mind guys turn to right way.

We should really consider very desicion we will make, everything. We need to take the responsibilities. Now, we are all adults, so, don't make any decision when you are losing your mind even with you crazy friends. That's so terrible.

Do things right, do right things.


We need to talk about Kevin 2011

Tilta Swinton & Erza Miller

This is a thoughful and serious-topic film. Kevin is a anti-social boy and it bother his mother from his birth. We can feel deeply from those scenes that the mother Eva bear such hugh stress from her weird boy.

The long-story film ends with an event that Kevin's crime of killing students in his high school even sister and father. That's such terrible thing. Althought, the real thing we should thing about is "WHY".

If that's me Eva, I must lost my patient to treat this kind of weird kid especially when he is mouth of dirty words and behavior not like a normal person and almost not to show his kindness anytime. I must escape away though that's my kid.

But, luckily, at the end, we can see Kevin and Eva hugging each other tightly. Maybe it means their relationship is much better than before? I don't know.

All in all, that's a opening ending of this film. And, we still can figure out many elements of why Kevin will behavior like this, might be his family relationship or school mates. Whatever, we don't know. We should learn from this film and think deeply about it.


Perfume: The story of a Murderer 2006

Ben Whishaw

To begin with, I noticed this movie because of its leading actor Ben Whishaw. I found him excellent and cute in Cloud Atlas and then in 007 SKYFALL. He's really an excellent actor.

And accidently, I heard this movie from my roommate when she was talking about some kinds of Literary films and she said this film is some kind of horror film. But after I'm seeing it, it's totally not a horror film at all. It just some kind of weird. Always some weird film has a great film script that and absort the audience to focus and attracted by its story.

Purfume does, it really does and does it very well. Just look at the words discribing the story, it's attractive enough as well as the leading actor is one who I'm interested at. 

I think talk more about the story will be better than just talk about this appearance outside. Jean who is talented at telling thousands different kinds of smell was born inthe most dirty place in Paris and he suffered bad life until he met a Flavorist who can teach him how to keep smells. After that, he seems to find the reason why he exist in this world - to keep smells. Jean thinks and does tests days and nights to keep smells till - his master can't teach him what he really want. Jean's master told Jean togo to another place and there's another master who can teach him. Jean tried everything because he was fascinated by the smelling from young girls. It's so horrible that Jean try everything to keep this kind of smell even to kill many girls and did tests on them. 

This's a long part of this film. But what i'm thinking is, how did the script writer turn the smell from young girls into the smell of LOVE. And the prefume which gather many those girls' smell can make people love. I don't believe it and when I looked up this movie on Douban, I saw the type of film is fascinating and drama. Wow, how fascinating is it! I can't agree more.

Everytime I saw this kind of fascinating of fancy movie, I know that I'm not only need to know the information that the film gave us directly, but also think about why it become this.

At the end of the film, there's a suprised view of thousands of people making love in the palace because of smelling that perfume. Is this the power of LOVE? Whatever, Jean can't love or be loved anymore since he first time kill that girl.

Eventually, I figure out that maybe this's a film talking about LOVE. Why Jean want to collect those young girls' smell is also because of the LOVE. But it's such a tragedy Jean had nothing at last.

I want to see this film twice in the future, it makes me think about love.

One more, some people can do anything good or bad to earn their own love whether is correct of not. In one sentence, everyone deserves their own LOVE.


The Time Traveler's Wife

I have met this film many years ago when I'm still in high school and do some VOG work. This film is showed in one VOG and I'm very impressive at this movie.

Their love is so touch me and I do hope for a kind of love like that. This kind of lovewill be take a life-long time and I will love that man with all my heart and never betrayed him.

It's a fantastic play again. These years many films talking about time travel or mind travel have been much more than before. For instance, <Inception>, <Source Code>. I think the greatest point of film is that film can make something that impossibly happen in true live come true. That's so amazing and with this account I love watching films.


Silver Linings Playbook

Bradly Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence

My favourite part of this film is the ending when Tiffany and Pat kisses. That's so romantic.

As the report of this year Oscar Reward, Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress so I want to see this film. It's such a long film but it's fine with it's story. Tiffany(Jennifer Lawrence) show her great power in this role playing a woman with some problems, I did shocked by her power. 

And this film shows some problems. One of the problems is the communication among families. We can see Pat's father is not soft as his mother did and the father always push Pat to do something he don't like. And it problely cause the Pat's mind break and going to the phychologist. 

The second one is both Pat and Tiffany can't face directly to their broken marriage whatever their partner is dead or betray them. I never suffer this but I guess it mustbe hard. Just like Pat, after Nikki left him, he really tries to be more positive and passionate and change his life to a better way. That's good. 

The last one is the treatment from stranger and some families friends. These peopledon't treat them as a normal person. They ridicule, they gossip, and these kind of behavior will add more stress to Pat. It's not a positive environment to help Pat to recover. So we can learn to more forgive and don't treat these people in a mean way.

That's it. I'm going to watch something else in the cold cold taipei evening.



Some nights. 2nd album.

I saw them first time on 55th GRAMMY. FUN is the funny band's name and I'm suprised because of their really raining-singing. The water falled down on there bodies and their intruments but they still very high on the stage. That's great.

As my birthday gift I bought their Grammy album- Some nights which is very amazing. I found that I can just use 'amazing' to express how I'm amazing. Oh shxt. So, this album is worth to hear carefully and you will get some special experience.

Comparing to the singer in China, we will amazed at the foreign singer because of their amazing and giving themselves out performence and we'll very very enjoy in it.

Great music should be heared by people. This album is great, so we should have it and listen their voice.


The Perks of being a wallflower.

Logen Lerman & Emma Watson & Erza Miller

Charlie & Sam & Patrick

It makes people think a lot after we finish watching. It's such a meaningful film that remind me of my youth I had comparing to the Americans'.

At my high school, my live is only filled with study and prepare countlessly exams. I'm exhausted every weekday even on weekends during the junior three. Should we really need to have so much subjects and press from the college-entering test. Though, I recall to that theory of my high school, I feel very substantial. Meanwhile, we seems don't have much time to think about what our lives going to be in the future. This is so sad because we work really really hard but we don't know what we are preparing for. It's so complicated to tell how I really feel about my three years in high school or more three years in junior high school.

All in all, I don't regret it.

Another point in this film I want to talk about is the mental disease done to one. We should try to know more about that one but not escape from him/her. I know there's someone have this kind of problem around me but I always try to escape her or pretend notseeing her even never want to shake my hand to say hello to her. Deeply, she should feel sad and alone, but I dont even want to give a hand. I can't face this kind of situation, I scared. She must be scared too.

Let's think, maybe everyone will get some mental hurt in their heart that they could never mention, we should treat everybody equally, right? I just can't persuade myself, but I'll try, OK?

In this film, I like Patrick, I like Charlie too. Charlie is quiet but he is erudite, he understand, he choose not to hurt Elizabath though it's not good. He's very nice. Few young people love him though he never send his first kiss. I hope there's someone can love me too. Now not because I will be busy in preparing applying for my Master degree two yearlater. I just want to make some effort on my dreaming way, I should be work harder.

All the things gonna happen in the future, I'm very very looking forward to that.

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