Perfume: The story of a Murderer 2006

Ben Whishaw

To begin with, I noticed this movie because of its leading actor Ben Whishaw. I found him excellent and cute in Cloud Atlas and then in 007 SKYFALL. He's really an excellent actor.

And accidently, I heard this movie from my roommate when she was talking about some kinds of Literary films and she said this film is some kind of horror film. But after I'm seeing it, it's totally not a horror film at all. It just some kind of weird. Always some weird film has a great film script that and absort the audience to focus and attracted by its story.

Purfume does, it really does and does it very well. Just look at the words discribing the story, it's attractive enough as well as the leading actor is one who I'm interested at. 

I think talk more about the story will be better than just talk about this appearance outside. Jean who is talented at telling thousands different kinds of smell was born inthe most dirty place in Paris and he suffered bad life until he met a Flavorist who can teach him how to keep smells. After that, he seems to find the reason why he exist in this world - to keep smells. Jean thinks and does tests days and nights to keep smells till - his master can't teach him what he really want. Jean's master told Jean togo to another place and there's another master who can teach him. Jean tried everything because he was fascinated by the smelling from young girls. It's so horrible that Jean try everything to keep this kind of smell even to kill many girls and did tests on them. 

This's a long part of this film. But what i'm thinking is, how did the script writer turn the smell from young girls into the smell of LOVE. And the prefume which gather many those girls' smell can make people love. I don't believe it and when I looked up this movie on Douban, I saw the type of film is fascinating and drama. Wow, how fascinating is it! I can't agree more.

Everytime I saw this kind of fascinating of fancy movie, I know that I'm not only need to know the information that the film gave us directly, but also think about why it become this.

At the end of the film, there's a suprised view of thousands of people making love in the palace because of smelling that perfume. Is this the power of LOVE? Whatever, Jean can't love or be loved anymore since he first time kill that girl.

Eventually, I figure out that maybe this's a film talking about LOVE. Why Jean want to collect those young girls' smell is also because of the LOVE. But it's such a tragedy Jean had nothing at last.

I want to see this film twice in the future, it makes me think about love.

One more, some people can do anything good or bad to earn their own love whether is correct of not. In one sentence, everyone deserves their own LOVE.

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