Alpha Dog

Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried

Anyway, at the beginning, I have no idea what those scenes mean, at the end of Alpha Dog, I finally figure out this is a story adapt basing on a true story. That makes this film powerful and special, and more thoughtful.

A young boy, Zack, whose brother owe a drug dealer's money, was kidnapped by that drug dealer and his friends. Strangly, Zack wants leave home too. So these men's kidnapping is not mean too much for Zack, and maybe it means some excited games for this fifteen-year-old boy. Although, this kind of behavior is criminal for those drug dealer, they would be passed sentences for life or even more.

Disappointedly, these drug dealers did not make the right decision. They killed that boy to cover their crime at one time. But we know that consititue won't ignore them and give them a charge.

As to me, we really should think about our parents words though they make you annoyed. The boy wants fresh things but he chooses wrong person and that person lead him to die. That boy is absolutely innocent. It's was totally a tradegy and no one can help that lose-mind guys turn to right way.

We should really consider very desicion we will make, everything. We need to take the responsibilities. Now, we are all adults, so, don't make any decision when you are losing your mind even with you crazy friends. That's so terrible.

Do things right, do right things.

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