We need to talk about Kevin 2011

Tilta Swinton & Erza Miller

This is a thoughful and serious-topic film. Kevin is a anti-social boy and it bother his mother from his birth. We can feel deeply from those scenes that the mother Eva bear such hugh stress from her weird boy.

The long-story film ends with an event that Kevin's crime of killing students in his high school even sister and father. That's such terrible thing. Althought, the real thing we should thing about is "WHY".

If that's me Eva, I must lost my patient to treat this kind of weird kid especially when he is mouth of dirty words and behavior not like a normal person and almost not to show his kindness anytime. I must escape away though that's my kid.

But, luckily, at the end, we can see Kevin and Eva hugging each other tightly. Maybe it means their relationship is much better than before? I don't know.

All in all, that's a opening ending of this film. And, we still can figure out many elements of why Kevin will behavior like this, might be his family relationship or school mates. Whatever, we don't know. We should learn from this film and think deeply about it.

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